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For Your Staff    

The Nursing Bag

Dispossible paper bag, to use several times in the care of the patients, with the full assessment already printed in the bag.


$ 2.50, minimal order 10

(free shipping in orders over $ 100.00)

Application & Eval Package

All required application forms are incuded in our staff application set, minimal order is 10 applications by discipline required.

$ 2.59 each, minimal order 5

$ 1.59 each eval package

(free shipping in orders over $ 100.00)



Classification folders

The easy way to filing employee forms, with 4 or 6 sections, and different colors


$ 4.79 + s/h for 6 sections

$ 4.65 + s/h for 4 sections

Staff Handbook

Summary of all affected personnel policy, staff orientation in a small booklet, ready for each applicant.

$ 3.00 each, minimal order 10

(free shipping in orders over $ 100.00)





Safety Management Plan

Manual with allrequired actions, tips for the safety of your staff

$ 149.99

Human Resources Manual

With all Human Resources forms, application, as needed documentation, evaluations, confidential data, etc.

$ 124.99





Staff on-line application

Dedicated web site, where your staff can apply on-line, save time, resources to the Agency

$ 45.00 /month, 12 months contracts minimum