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We are located in Miami Dade, Florida.

CEO: Raul H. Camacho

Arely Camacho, RN


Karel Camacho    

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In Loving Memory of Aida Perez, RN, and Manolo Alvarez who introduce us in the Consulting/Computer Field of Home Care Services.

Advertising tools: Brochures:150 (tri-fold) $ 119.00


Advertising Folders/inserts: $ 2.29 folders (min.order 25) 0.35 cents each insert

Yearly Calendars: 35 cents

  Prices  We have a full variety of Health Care Forms: 

Covid-19 Pamplet  0.99 each (Patient-Staff education material, bilingual)


60 Days Summ.Samples     Agreement Samples     Adm. Order Samples


ABN Notice Samples          Adv. Directives Samples  Affidavits Samples 


Authorization to Sign         BP Logs Samples        Bill of Rights Samples


Behavior Sample               Behavior Sample 2


 BS Log Samples               Credit Card Auth.     Case Conf. Samples     


 Communication LOG        Consents Various      Clinic/MD Office Forms


D/C Forms Samples         Educational Brochures        Emergency Plan 


Emergency Release        Fall Tools        Face to Face  


 Must be incorporated to MD EHR: $ 25.00 --->  Face to Face EHR   


Glucometer Calib.         Grievance       HHA Plan Samples    


 HHA Notes Samples    Homebound        HME/DME Forms       


 HHA Waiver Notes    Initial Report/Eval        Intake/Referral        


 Medication Samples     MC Non Coverage   Mod. Orders/V.O.       


 MSW Forms        MA Fraud Info      MC Sec. Payor Qt 


Missed Visit        OT Forms       Oxygen Forms/Labels


Physician Orders        Photo Auth Samples        Phychiatric Forms      


Pediatric Form     PT Forms        Pain Tools       Release Info Auth.


Respiratory     Referal Form    Recert Order    SN Flow Sheet (Hrs)   


 SN High Tech Notes         Supervision Forms        SN Notes Samples   


 ST Forms        Surveys Rt/Emp.      Transfer       Weekly Samples   


 Wound forms Samples


Fill out the Order Form: Nurse & Clinical forms                     

Aide Therapy/Folders Forms

    fax to 305.819.4064    Miscellaneous Forms or e-mail to:

ADMISSION PACKAGE: all bi-lingual forms (English-Spanish) 

We have a FULL sign up already ensemble, like a "BOOKLET", ready for your admission nurses, don't loose time sorting your forms, adding labels, folders, etc......OUR SIGN UP PACKAGE IS READY TO USE.

EVERY NEEDED FORM INCLUDED, at only: (minimum order 25)

             * $ 5.00 the full package without OASIS

             * $ 5.65 the full package including SOC OASIS full assessment

STAMPS: $ 29.99, you can order here:  Stamp Order

Comprehensive Assessment OASIS C: (minimum order 25)

               SOC ......................... 0.65 cents

               Recert/Follow Up ... 0.50 cents each            

               Discharge  .............. 0.45 cents                

               Transfer  ................. 0.30  cents               

Also we have ready: Discharge Packages.............. $ 3.75 each

                                  Recertification Packages ..... $ 3.75 each

Client Information Handbook: with all Patient's Information/educational needs (English-Spanish ready)


Customized Sign Up Folders: Designed with your Company's Logo, phone and address, all labels needed including: Allergies, Abuse/Hot line Info, Universal Precautions, Accreditation Info, hours of operation, etc....... $ 1.75 each






We have all Admission Forms:

* Aide Assignment   * Grievance Procedures   * Emergency/Disaster Form

* Appointment of Representative   * Abuse/Abuso   * Advance Directives

* Nutritional Screening   * Service Agreement   * Nursing Care Plan

* Consent for Treatment   * Medication Schedule   * HIPAA Acknowledgment

* Choice form   * Bill of Rights/Responsibilities    * Patient's Handbook


Also all Clinical forms:

* Verbal Orders    * Recertification Orders     * Reinstatement Orders

* Therapy forms  PT-OT-ST     * Nurses notes    * Aide notes

* OASIS assessments    * Reinstatement form   * Wound forms

* MSW forms   * Team communication   * Case Conference

* Itineraries   * Supervision forms   * Diabetes forms, etc

* Discharge Form    * OASIS Assessments    * Referrals Form


We Have Full PRINTING Services, with all Home Care, HME, Clinics Forms, 1, 2 or 3 part (NCR- Carbonless)

    * we offer next day services

    * No setup fee, best prices and best services, WE MATCH any printing prices

    * Free delivery in Miami-Dade county. Free shipping nationwide on orders over $ 50.00

Patient Personal Health Record Handbook..... make a small invest in a big client information source, our Personal Health Record is ready (English/Spanish), for all your Patient's, from Hospitalization Record, Doctor's Appointment, Diagnosis, Medications, Test, etc.  ......... $ 2.00 each   


Already ensemble, like a BOOKLET, with all Patient's information requirements, all NCR forms needed (your nurse can leave the yellow copy at Patient's house)   $ 5.00 each

Sign Up Folders .............  $ 2.25 each





Hurricane season 06/01-11/30

Hurricane Guide for your area of Service: (Black/white printing)
$1.25 each, min. order 25

Samples: Miami


Tampa Area:

Collier-Lee area: